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My name is Norizan Noordin. I graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration. I’ve been working with Oriental Real Estate for 12 years since after graduated. At first join, this company already have 5 branch and now become one of the largest real estate agency network in Malaysia. Never expect that I will work in this industry but I love to work here. Working under operation department, I have learned a lot of things especially in problem solving with many type of cases and different scenarios. I am so thankful for having a great leader who is very supportive and always give motivation to his staff. My team are also very co-operative. I enjoy working here and hope this will be my first and last job in my career.

Norizan Noordin

Admin Head

It’s been 5 years since I joined Oriental Real Estate Sdn Bhd. Time flies so fast. Completing a 5 years with Oriental Real Estate has been one of the memorable moment for me. It’s been filled with learning and growing within the organization. I am grateful to all my colleagues/team who had contributed in my journey and being supportive to accomplish our team goals. I am glad to be part of it and I am looking forward to many more years with Oriental Real Estate Sdn Bhd contributing to the growth of the organizations.

Nur Yushamira Bt Mohd Yusoff

Admin Assistant

I found myself in opportunity working with an amazing company. Doing something I enjoy and progressing my career professionally and personally. My Experience work with Oriental Property Management, collaboration and team very important. Here I can add experience and knowledge to my career and self-development.

Siti Haajar Baharudin


“Lots of people want to be successful in life, but only few people work hard for it”.

I rarely come across talented individuals that give their 110% in everything they do. Kai is definitely one of them.

My experience with Kai as my Mentor & Team leader back when i was working at Oriental Real Estate, his attitude to leadership, career-coaching and property consulting and selling has won him the respect of his colleagues and trust & loyalty from his Clients. He consistently demonstrated the strong ethics and compliance in his profession. As my Ex- Colleague Kai earns my highest highest recommendation.

Hamza Malik

Customer Operations Specialist at Shell

I have been working with Kai at Oriental Real Estate over the past 1.5 years and throughout this journey he has played an extremely pivotal role. He is a great mentor and a motivator who has always pushed me to be a better version of myself and discover my potential. These years I spent in Oriental Realty with all the skilled and humble employees, I have acquired several skills and have improved as an individual. As a student, time management is a crucial problem for me however with Oriental’s flexibility and working environment it was convenient for me to plan my day efficiently. Working here is always fun and exciting as there is always something new for me to learn and explore which really keeps me on my toes. Another important thing to highlight is how my managers would constantly ask me if I was enjoying my job scopes and task and most importantly if I was learning and gaining knowledge from it. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my manager Kai for constantly providing me with opportunities and the platform to learn and grow. The best thing I liked about working with Oriental Realty is that I was always appreciated for my efforts and if I committed any mistakes, I was never put down instead I was always guided to overcome my challenges. I had a great time working with Oriental Realty during my teen years and I will definitely look forward to more career opportunities with them in the future.

Hashwini Cleopatra

Student Ambassador at CPA Australia

I have been working as Real Estate Negotiator for a year, I graduated with Bachelor in Communication (Hons) and used to work with Event Marketing. Being a real estate negotiator is equivalent to running our own business, basically you are your own boss! You get to decide where and which areas you like to specialize in, type of properties you like to sell (industrial, commercial or residential). Since this is my first year with Oriental Real Estate SS15 Subang Branch, I am currently focusing more on residential, but gaining knowledge on all type of properties as well. It is fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding to help others with potentially their biggest and most complicated transaction of selling or purchasing a property. With good support from Oriental Real Estate and my colleagues, I’m grateful that I get to assist my client task easier in finding the right dealer/properties and save their time, energy and effort.

Jesper H’ng

Real Estate Negotiator

Oriental Real Estate is a systematic and well established company since 1988, which has it focus strategy onto training and developing young negotiators with and without experience into having both integrity and talent before meeting up with clients.

Oriental Real Estate has well structured management team to render administration support to the highly confident negotiators, and the well trained manager does find time to run together with negotiators to meet the demand of the Real Estate Market.

Oriental Real Estate’s founder and the team are enthusiasts, always at it pioneering spirit to be the industry leader. We set up the first licensed Real Estate institution, a new platform for senior negotiators and new students to gain licenses, many speakers were invited to exchange knowledge’s and to sharpening the communication skills of negotiators.

In year 2000, Oriental Real Estate open up new territory, new branches, and new projects. Team were set up and growing and eventually we have our international branch and we manage to win the prestigious awards at the international level.

Throughout the history of Oriental Real Estate, superficial changes and turbulent situation did happened, but no departure from the original stand. Upon upholding on it stands and the intrinsic quality by matching the employees’ strength to the organization goals have boost up our loyalty as well as results.

Tee Siok Yam

Real Estate Negotiator

Saya Mohd Fariz Faizuan Bin Othaman dan telah menyertai syarikat ini beberapa tahun yang lalu. Oriental Real Estate merupakan salah sebuah agensi ejen hartanah yang paling berpengalaman dalam Malaysia kerana syarikat ini telah ditubuhkan pada 1988 dimana ketika itu industri hartanah masih asing di negara ini. Telah banyak cabaran dan halangan yang telah syarikat ini hadapi dalam proses pembangunannya. Saya berasa sangat bangga kerana telah menjadi salah seorang pekerja yang menyaksikan kemajuan dan kejayaan yang dikecapi syarikat sehingga hari ini.

Saya juga amat berterima kasih dengan semua rakan sekerja yang banyak membimbing dan memberi tunjuk ajar sepanjang perjalanan karier saya di syarikat ini. Tidak lupa juga kepada majikan yang sentiasa mengambil berat tentang kebajikan pekerjanya. Setelah meniliti semua aspek, saya merasakan bahawa Oriental Real Estate merupakan sebuah syarikat terbaik untuk perkembangan kerjaya seseorang.

Mohd Fariz Faizuan Bin Othaman

Real Estate Negotiator

I have working as Real Estate Negotiator for many years. Throughout the journey, I find this career fulfilling as I see my career is progressing towards my end goals. Also, I’m able to help my clients to fulfil their goals too, ie, bought their dream home, bought their first investment property, sold their house to move on next stage in life, & etc. Today, I’m the Branch Controller of Oriental Real Estate in SS15 Subang Jaya Branch. My roles & responsibility not only allow me to help my clients achieve their goals, it also allows me to empower my colleagues and team mates to achieve greater height in their career. With the help & support from Oriental Real Estate, it’s became easier & efficient for me to help my clients and support my colleagues. It’s been a great pleasure to be part of these people’s progression in life, and this keeps me going despite all the challenges ahead. I’m looking forward to keep contribute to the community and aspire to inspire people around me.

Terrance Yeo

Real Estate Negotiator