How To Make an Appointment With a Client

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How To Make an Appointment With a Client

There are some basic skills that must be mastered to sell to large customers. One of the basic skills is that appointment of customers to visit customers is the beginning of business, and appointment of customers is the beginning of face-to-face visits to customers. The success rate of booking customers directly affects the number of customer visits. How to improve the success rate of booking customers is something that every salesperson must think about and summarize.

First of all, before making an appointment with a customer, the sales agent had better make an appointment with the customer in advance. In this way, customers will not feel sudden and will be psychologically prepared for our arrival. Of course, this is also out of courtesy of the sales. There are many ways to meet with customers, and phone call appointment is the most important way, and it is also the most economical and convenient way. Phone call appointments occupy a very important position in the sales process. In addition, there are many advantages to meeting customers by phone. For example, we can directly arrange a meeting time with customers. The second is to contact the customer by phone before making an appointment, so as to avoid the customer being out of touch due to temporary incidents. The third is to use phone contact, which can not be restricted by working hours and increases the chance of contact. The sales agent and the customer all start by making an appointment by phone.

First of all, we can fully prepare before making an appointment by phone, and prepare a list of customers. The full name, address and phone number of the target customer should be indicated on the customer list. If we only know the customer’s nickname, such as Jason or Vincent, we can ask the telephone operator who is looking for, and then ask him to call us.

Second, we can choose the time for the telephone appointment. When making a phone appointment, we have to consider what time is most suitable. It’s best to make reservations to avoid the other party’s rest and meal time。For example, when we just resume work at the end of the holiday, if we want to call the other company, unless there is an emergency, it is best to avoid the morning time and choose the afternoon time to call. Because at the end of the holiday, there are a lot of business meetings and negotiations, so it’s usually very busy. Unless it is an emergency,  sales agents better don’t make a phone call during lunch. In addition, for companies that are still busy at night, whether they are suitable for making calls depends on the industry. Being a sales agent is a process of accumulating customer skills, enhancing ability, and developing a network of contacts.

Not only that, the sales agent must prepare the content of the conversation. It is best to keep the content of the telephone appointment conversation at hand, which is conducive to presentation. We can also use a tape recorder to practice repeatedly and pay attention to the way of expression. It will master the language skills of telesales appointments When making appointments by phone, sales agents should master the following language skills. For example, since there is no visual communication on the phone, sales agents should improve their oral presentation skills and cultivate listening habits. Second, pay attention to the tone, intonation, and speed of our phone appointment. When sales agents speak with a smile as much as possible, the other party will notice the change in the tone of our speech. However, sales agents should not speak too fast or too slow, as long as the other party can hear clearly. And be enthusiastic when speaking, so that the other person feels that he is talking to a human rather than a robot. Finally, when speaking, we must appropriately add “yes”, “I understand”, “ok”, etc., to show that we are listening to the other person’s speech.

Finally, we must also be prepared for rejection and break through the words of customer rejection. Customers usually refuse to meet on the phone, but as long as the sales agents handle it properly, they will get a deal in the refusal. Different excuses for customers who are unwilling to finalize appointments. For example, if the customer doesn’t have time, the sales agent should say: “I understand. I always don’t have enough time. Please just give me three minutes and you will believe that this is a product that is absolutely important to you. If the customer is not available now, the sales agent should say: “I will be near your company on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I can visit you on Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoon!”

If the customers say no money, the sales agent should say: “Sorry, I know that only you know your financial situation. However, if you make a financial plan now, it will be the most beneficial for the future! I can meet you to plan your financial problem on Tuesday or the weekend. ?” Therefore, the sales agent must prescribe the right remedy for the rejection methods of different customers. In this way, customers may have different ideas about our enthusiasm, and maybe customers will change their minds.