Our Values

Building Future Partnership

Our Core Values

The core values of an organization are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. Here at ORESB, we emphasise on three core values that support the overarching goal of Building Future Partnerships.

Original and Innovative

To remain original and stay relevant in an industry requires an open mind-set and willingness to conform to society’s ever-changing trends and demands. At ORESB we try our best to step out of conventional real estate agency practices, preferring to embrace innovative thinking and fresh ideas that aim to uplift the business. We strive to be a champion for change, paving the way for industry peers to join us in the effort to build the industry to meet clients’ expectations and global standards.

We are proud to announce that ORESB is a pioneer real estate agency that has successfully achieved a collaborative partnership two big players in the insurance and e-commerce industry, AXA insurance and Fave respectively. While the idea seemed foreign at first, given that real estate often operate independently, the opportunity to create a more seamless buying experience for our clients spurred the Company towards this innovative partnership. Not only do our clients get to experience secure, transparent and seamless payment methods via a reputable merchant like Fave, our clients are also given the opportunity to settle their home insurance with the help of AXA at the best rates.

Reliable Realtors

ORESB takes pride in affirming that our realtors continuously strive towards providing service excellence to our clients. Year on year, we review our practices, engaging with our agents to identify ways to improve the home purchasing process. Here at ORESB, we understand the importance of quality client service to create brand trust and recognition in the long run. Our realtors are well trained and well guided by teams of very experienced leaders who have years under their belt to navigate the challenging real estate market volatility.

Our familiarity with the industry is backed up by 32 years’ worth of being an active industry player that has achieved many milestones within the real estate scene. ORESB has weathered through the economic crises in the 90s, maintained its presence despite the growing list of competitor agencies, and more recently, endured the challenging economic setback brought upon by the global pandemic. Our resilience speaks for itself and has thus created a reliable profile that real estate agents trust and prospective homeowners seek out.

To create a strong bridge of trust between our clients and realtors, we look into building our pool of talents to ensure that they are always kept up to date with property current property trends and public preference with regard to real estate and homeownership. Our multitude of training and leadership programmes delivered by trained industry professionals on a range of topics which include telemarketing, cold-calls, branding, advertising, how to successfully close deals and more. In the long term, we believe that the talent and skill we cultivate will not only benefit the Company but also encourage the career development of our agents.  

Empowering People First

To empower our people, we create a range of career opportunities for them to seize if they show the right drive and interest in the field. From internship and leadership programmes to conducting training to our own fellow agents, we strongly encourage our realtors to cultivate their ambition and work hard towards reaching their personal goals. Our culture of continuous learning allows ample space for current and aspiring agents to discover their passion in real estate or explore alternatives within the industry that are better suited to their career aspirations.

ORESB has successfully partnered with several renowned educational institutions such as Imperia College, Erican College and TAR UC to create awareness of the industry among students and encourage their interest in potentially joining our team upon graduation or as an intern. We’ve had several wonderful experiences with interns and contract agents who ultimately became permanent team members of ORESB based on the work ethic and talent they have expressed throughout their working tenure. We have also introduced a Leadership Programme that aims to empower agents who we believe express certain leadership potential. The pioneer programme at ORSEB was carefully curated to build talent and refine skills required to successfully lead a team and achieve KPIs set by the Company to create sustainability for the business. A selected number of our negotiators have gone on to develop their careers and earned their credibility to be promoted into becoming successful Principals that have benefitted the Company as well as the industry. At ORESB, we never discriminate or limit the growth of our agents, negotiators or interns – rather, we believe that empowering our people will bring about successes to the business and its reputation as an established real estate agency.

Building Future Partnerships