5 Bulletproof Strategies for Real Estate Agents During COVID-19

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5 Bulletproof Strategies for Real Estate Agents During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak significantly also has impacted the real estate market and as we can see currently this industry is still in recovery slowly. Health concerns and stay-at-home orders led to fewer buyers looking for homes and fewer sellers willing to list their properties or allow strangers to enter their homes during a pandemic.

But all this situation should not be an obstacle for the real estate agents, whereby they need to continue marketing their properties by making use of the right channels and reaching out to the right investors. 

Here are five bulletproof strategies that people in the real estate industry can use to market their properties: 

  1. Create informative videos 

Buyers are found to be drawn towards videos when looking to buy or rent a property. With advanced digital technology, making high-resolution videos is not as costly as it used to be just a few years back. You just need a smartphone and a tripod to produce a nice video, as free video editing tools are available in this era. For a better version, you should ensure that these videos are not very long and try to keep them under two minutes. These videos can then be uploaded to your real estate business’s social media and used for lead generation. 

  1. Leverage social media 

Social media marketing plays an important role in the modern real estate business. Real estate agents can use social media marketing to work for them by presenting relevant information and communicating with their followers frequently. At the same time, can also put content with testimonials from previous buyers to gain trust from the followers. Furthermore, you can list the advantages of the properties advertised to draw potential future buyers. 

  1. Use QR codes and direct mails effectively

Direct mail to potential buyers still results in good ROI for real estate professionals while the “offline” strategy of sending a brochure and postcard can easily be brought online, with the use of QR codes. QR or Quick Response codes can be printed on the material, which recipients can scan and be taken to the property’s website or social media channels. Considering how easy it is to create QR codes online and the code can be linked with any media, be it video or an image gallery of the property or the location of the property. You can put the QR Code on display boards outside the property, where interested buyers can scan them for information on the real estate agent, image galleries, virtual tours, and contact you directly.

  1. Tap into influencer networks 

 The use of influencers, like actors and local celebrities, to promote a business has been done for a long time, and social media has increased the efficiency of this strategy. These influencers lead to having a large or a dedicated niche following, and their followers look up to them for advice and recommendations. Usually, the influencers will share their lifestyle videos or posts that give the followers an idea to have something same like with their influencer and indirectly, this also can apply same in marketing the popular real estate properties to gain more public trust and customers that might seek for properties.

  1. Organize virtual home tours

Letting the clients have a realistic experience of what it feels to be inside of the house is an effective way to attract them to buy our house. It would be best if we can take them for a virtual home tour especially in this Covid-19 situation to help prospective buyers check out a property. Virtual tours allow target customers to visit the property and see them in a way like a live visit. With the help of new interactive tools, a real estate business can make a house fully furnished complete with art décor, furniture, and appliances, and give the buyers a sense of space and flow of the property. 

Final thoughts
The Covid-19 is not an excuse for the real estate agents to sit still and wait for the spirit of the market to revive organically like before. Real estate agents should seek a new way on how to survive the market, especially during this crucial time, struggling for the future of this industry. 

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