10 Things The Clients Want from A Real Estate Negotiator

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10 Things The Clients Want from A Real Estate Negotiator

Today, home buyers and sellers have plenty of options at their fingertips when it comes to buying or selling a property. The digital age has made it considerably easy to research properties, learn about the market and even buy property privately. Yet, they still need a reliable real estate negotiator to manage and assist them to find the property according to their budget and the requests. Thus, what do clients really want from their real estate negotiator?

  1. Guide and strategic partner

A negotiator’s pricing strategy should be based on comparables, up-to-date, and expertise of the local market. As a negotiator, one should share their reasoning behind the pricing recommendations.

  1. Responsiveness & good communication

Good communication here involves preparing the clients for what is coming during the buying and selling process. The REN should share all the documents needed and what can help the clients before the purchasing process of the property.

  1. A good client experience

The client experience is everything the client is exposed to when dealing with a negotiator and their brand. So, among of the experience here including the negotiator’s website, social media marketing, client’s testimony, phone calls, emails, etc. Customer service plays an important role to give the best experiences to the clients.

  1. Explaining the process

As real estate negotiators, we must think beyond the customer’s thoughts. Think about the top frequently questions that may be asked by the clients. Write a help guide and place it on your website, and answer all of the questions. A good negotiator is being expected to know how to answer all the questions from the clients. 

  1. Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills should be a negotiator’s strength. Pricing, closing date, and repairs are normal items that are on the table for negotiation between buyer and seller. Real estate negotiators help their clients to go through this process. This a great time to apply one’s training and hands-on experience to prepare the client for this part of the deal.

  1. Knowledgeable

A real estate negotiator’s expertise comes from their personal experience. But no one knows everything so having experienced partners and great broker support will benefit too. Negotiators with a good network, know who to go to when they need help. Those who know the ins and outs, negotiators can make the process so much smoother for their clients

  1. Assist with weighing the pros and cons

Part of the benefit of a negotiator’s expertise is a viewpoint the clients might not know. It’s a negotiator’s job is to observe the client’s best interest. An excellent negotiator shares what they know, apparently detailing the risk and advantages, and let the client decide.

  1. Personal connection

Customers usually want to get along with their real estate negotiators. Are you a negotiator who’s more consultative or a number-driven? A number-driven negotiator will most likely connect best with clients that appreciate that style. Negotiators should not be afraid to let their character show so they can draw more clients who appreciate that style.

  1. Network of connection

Clients expect that with negotiators being the real estate specialist, they have a great network of connections. This includes repairmen, lenders, appraisers, and inspectors. Of course, the client will think that this is good as the great negotiators will think about all of these for them.

  1. Tech-savvy

People these days are attached to their phones, negotiators are expected to be tech-savvy too. The bare minimum is to be responsive through texts and email. Negotiators must take advantage of the convenience technology has provided.

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